Baiden Mitten Superior Exfoliator Glove,Facial, Body Scrub,Best Firming Dry Skin Treatment,Repair Wrinkles Remove Blackheads, Pore Acne Cellulite Scar Reduction… from Baiden


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FALL. IN .LOVE. WITH YOUR SKIN again & again every time you exfoliate. With your skin as soft and radiant as the newborn baby’s you will adore touching it and so will others. You can feel confident and desirable even without make up.

  • WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. AND THEN SOME! Baiden Mitten will perform superior face and body scrub + massage for up to 100 gloriously dead-skin-liberating-at-home spa sessions. You will also relieve yourself of the burden of most skincare cosmetics as your deeply cleansed skin, free of constricting and aging dry, dull, waxy, grey, dead skin layer will be able to superbly look after itself and GLOW
  • BE HARMFULL, TOXIC CHEMICAL FREE. Unlike other cheap scrubbing gloves, the Baiden Mitten cloth is manufactured to the highest standard usually reserved for baby products. It’s more expensive, but oh, so worth it for the abundant health of your precious skin, especially if it is sensitive.
  • FEEL THE THRILL OF GIVING WHEN YOU EMPOWER LIVES. Part of our proceeds (and a lot of time) is donated to organizations which totally transform young peoples’ lives by teaching them skills to thrive in life. You get a new skin, they get an exciting FUTURE! And yes, we are also totally into fair trade. It’s a win-win-win! So, get your own Baiden Mitten right now…
  • SCRUB AWAY YEARS OFF YOUR FACE AND BODY. Baiden Mitten will exfoliate your skin  so deep, it will even take your driest, flakiest, tired old skin off to expose fresh, plump, newborn baby soft skin hiding underneath. Celebrities spend tons of cash on extreme exfoliation treatments such as peelings and microdermabrasions to make their skin glow, you will look youthful and flawless for much less.

Baiden Mitten Promise:

  • Feel confident and desirable even without makeup with clearer pores
  • Blackheads and rough, bumpy skin (Keratosis Pilaris) will make a speedy exit and will stay away as long as you keep using the mitt
  • Lift up that saggy skin (lose that turkey neck) which ages AND makes you look tired and sad. Give your eyelids and lips a lift as well.
  • Does uneven skin tone make your body look like a patchwork quilt?  Make that flawless, even skin tone yours fast as well as banish old discolorations from mosquito bites etc. out of your life forever.
  • Most deeply embarrassing skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, puss filled ingrown hair, scars and red, inflamed acne marks can be greatly relieved with the regular use of the Baiden Mitten. What would your life be like if you could face the world with clear, healthy skin?

Don’t get scammed by any more products promising the earth and delivering nothing. We want you to keep your Baiden Mitten – but ONLY if you totally adore what it has done for your skin. That is why we give you 60 days money back guarantee.


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