Baiden Mitten for Men-Advanced Skin Exfoliation Scrubbing Glove for Face and Body-Luxury Age-Defying Exfoliating Facial Scrub Brush-Best Spa Quality Microdermabrasion Treatment For Use in Bath,Spa and Shower-Better Than any Loofah or Scrubbing Mitt …  from Baiden

baiden man

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GET READY. TO SHOW OFF YOUR BODY! With superbly exfoliated, smooth and glowing skin, you will want to touch it often and so will others! Nothing better than a highly polished skin to get an ultimate confidence booster in romantic situations. Get one for your partner (we have a women’s’ version) and experience the magic!

  • THIS MITT WILL EXFOLIATE. YEARS OFF YOU! The grey, dull, waxy, dead skin layer will roll in strips off your body and transform you from tired and run down into fresh and healthy. It’s like taking a clay bar to your car to remove all the debris and contaminants you couldn’t see combined with a wax job
  • DON’T STRUGGLE WITH INGROWN HAIR AND BUMPY SKIN. Use the exfoliation glove regularly and you will never have to put up with pus filled, infected, sore pimples which make you embarrassed and self- conscious because after Baiden your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom J By removing the thick, impenetrable dead skin layer, Baiden will free the hair to grow out, not in! It will also break up build-up keratin which results in Keratosis Pilaris making your skin soft again.
  • SLOUGH OFF SKIN LIKE A NINJA. FAST AND EASY. Baiden delivers turbocharged skincare, with only 2-4 sessions/month needed to maintain great skin. Get extra time to do more interesting things than spending time in front of the mirror.
  • EFFORTLESSLY LOOK AFTER ENVIRONMENT AND COMMUNITIES. No nasty toxins, naturally made, no awful microbeads which wash down to the ocean and finish inside the fish we eat. It’s ALL good. We are fair trade, and we also support youth work with cash and our time.  You are not left out either. We give you 60 days money back guarantee so you can be give this scrubbing tool a good test run. Give it a go. You WILL love it.

BEST Men’s Skin Treatment on Amazon


Our product has been formulated for ONE purpose, to provide SERIOUS SKIN EXFOLIATION.

It is not what you put on your skin, it is what you take off that matters. Your body was designed to be that of a hunter and a warrior and your skin was meant to be treated roughly, dragged through undergrowth, exposed to elements, stretched and pounded. Just like your muscles it needs to be worked hard to be at its best. The more you exercise it – the BETTER the results!


Most of them gently scratch the dead skin layer’s surface, leaving most of it still plastered to your body. Baiden Man lifts the dead skin layer at the base and rolls it ALL off. The mitt feels rough almost like a sand paper, but although it will give your skin a serious workout, it will not damage it in any way. Contrary to popular belief, skin does not need to be pampered to look good. It can look after itself if given what it needs:

  • Freedom from the suffocating dead skin layer
  • Freedom from toxin
  • Good blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin.


Baiden Man will deliver all this. After using it you will feel clean, fresh and energized. If you wax or shave, ingrown hair will be a thing of the past as will most of acne and acne scars. Baiden Man makes your skin strong, healthy and resilient so it can fight its own battles with infections.

Other exfoliating methods use either harsh chemicals which compromise your skin’s health or are not effective enough. Baiden Men is all natural and you need only water to make it work.

We believe in it so much that we back it with our 60 day, No-hassle, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Don’t get scammed by any more products promising the earth and delivering nothing. We want you to keep your Baiden Mitten – but ONLY if you totally adore what it has done for your skin. That is why we give you 60 days money back guarantee.

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