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BE PROUD OF YOUR FEET. Experience baby soft skin on your heels, toes and even remove cuticles.

  • NO WAITING FOR DAYS (OR EVEN WEEKS) FOR THE SKIN TO PEEL. Like, who has time for that…
  • AVOID THE MESS. No fine dust all over your bathroom, no bits of skin sloughing off around your house
  • POWERFUL BUT GENTLE. No painful cuts, nicks, scratches or bleeding. Glove just rolls dead skin off.
  • GET IN ALL THE NOOKS AND CRANNIES. Flexible and soft, the mitt won’t leave dry patches anywhere.

Baiden Foot mitten is the foot care product you’ve always wanted, but never knew existed.

It is the easiest, fastest way to keep your feet soft, free of the horrible, rough, dead skin layer that so many of us needlessly suffer with. Scaly, dry skin is ugly to see and even uglier to touch. Feet that look like they belong to a lizard or a crocodile have no place in cute sandals…

For foot care, do you REALLY like those choices?

  • Callus peeling booties which give you a chemical burn so bad that your feet will be peeling for days if not weeks. How excited do you feel about walking around in socks for two (or more) weeks straight so as to avoid spreading flakes of dead skin all over the house? Will your love life survive it?
  • Files and microplanes – get ready for the mess of fine dead skin dust. You might hate it but dust mites will love it. Also – very rigid and inflexible. Your heels will look great, but what about your toes?
  • Pumice stones – can be crumbly and get clogged up with dead skin and STINK up the whole bathroom within days.

Baiden Foot Mitt is the perfect care tool for feet without any downside. Initially just soak your feet, scrub them when wet and rinse the dead skin off. Then spend just use couple of times/week under a shower and NEVER suffer with crocodile feet again. Fast, easy, discreet.
The glove is flexible, rough texture but also gentle enough, so it will never hurt, cut or make your feet bleed. It will not only clean up your heels, but also every nook and cranny including cuticles.
So easy to clean too. Just hand wash in soapy water and hang out to dry. Take good care of it and it will last and last for many foot scrubs.
Your days of being ashamed of your feet are finally over. Order your Baiden Foot mitten now and within few days you will be the owner of beautiful, soft feet.
60 days money back guarantee. ORDER NOW